Submission of proposals for esLibre 2021

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Do you know someone who might want to speak at the conference? Send this page to whoever you want, we will appreciate it a lot if you help us reach more people.

The esLibre congress is a meeting of people interested in free technologies and free culture, focused on sharing knowledge and experiences around them. The next edition will be broadcast online on Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26; this time being the host community LibreLabUCM, but also with the support of the communities that have already organized past editions: Interferencias, LibreLabGRX and URJC OfiLibre.

At esLibre we try to make an annual event where everyone is invited to participate, the only thing that you needs is to have something to say about the world of technologies and free culture. We are interested in people of all ages, experiences and profiles, whether technical or user. We are eager to hear and learn from everyone and our main goal is to reach communities of all kinds.


Free software is the central theme of esLibre, but what we really want is to achieve an event where we find both technical and other activities of a more informative level, or even that give rise to discuss different points of view on aspects of the world of the free knowledge. This may include comments on publishing licenses, applications and development of various technologies, interests and concerns that different communities may want to present, or the exploration and dissemination of free art.

In general terms, topics directly related to works (software, hardware, culture, etc.) that are distributed with free licenses, understanding them according to the FSF definition of free software or the OSI definition of open source; or in more informative scope, that it is understood that they meet the definition of free cultural work: all of this is what is considered to fit perfectly in esLibre. Do you have something in mind? Propose it!

Although there is a lot of free software (and in general free works) that is distributed commercially without this presenting any problem, we want to keep esLibre as a neutral forum with respect to commercial interests. In general, talks, workshops or any other type of activity that specifically promotes a commercial offer will not be accepted.

Types of proposals

There are several types of contributions that you can propose (but not only):

I am interested in giving a talk but ... how?

Have you never given a talk but want to debut? In this event we would love to accompany you on that adventure. We are aware that giving a talk can be an important challenge and that is why we want to give you a series of guidelines that will help you to exhibit here (or wherever). We leave you a list of resources to expose without using a “powerpoint” (🙃): Markdown, LaTeX, Marp, Pandoc

Again, these are all suggestions. Create your presentation as you want and if you need more guidance and help, do not hesitate to ask the organization for it. To inspire you, we leave you a list of online talks that you can watch right now:

There are a lot of cool free projects out there to participate in, or use. You can start looking for a free operating system that fits your personality, read some web development projects in a libre blog or libre-metasoftware in this other. You can also explore the different free social networks of the Fediverse like Mastodon. Take a tour of these projects and if you like them, come to the event to learn about many more.

Our commitment to diversity

The organization is committed to creating a safe, non-toxic and diverse environment, so we’d love to give a voice to speakers from the various minority communities who use or develop free software, hardware, or culture. We are aware that there are many people who use and create free technologies and actively support the dissemination of free culture, and many times they are not heard, we want to change that: we offer our microphone and space for people to speak from these communities.

We want to learn and create bridges, so that technology is (finally) a support and collaboration tool. If you think that in your community you have something to tell from the development or experience using free software, let us know. We are looking for a collaborative, multidisciplinary and libre future, help us to achieve it!


All deadlines close at 23:59 Madrid time (CET).

How to submit your proposal

The submission of proposals is open to everyone, and although we will continue to use GitLab as a platform to receive proposals for a matter of transparency and feedback, you can also send proposals through the forms that you can find in the following links:

All the proposals that are sent through these forms are registered in our proposals repository, and once they receive 3 positive votes from the organization, it will be officially accepted.If it were necessary to clarify any question or suggestion, it would also be done in that same place, so do not lose sight of it. In any case, once you register your proposal using the form, you will receive an email with the information of the registered proposal and a direct link to your proposal within the repository.

You can also send your proposal by making a merge request (pull request) to the same proposal repository. For each type of proposal you have a template in the folder plantillas in the root folder of this repository. Copy it to the folder for the current year (2021 in this case), within the corresponding subfolder (talks, devrooms, etc.). Use a filename that is not already used, and that reflects the title of your proposal. Once you have this ready, you simply have to do a merge request that includes it and your proposal will be registered.

If you have problems of any kind or any kind of doubt, you can write to us at