Call for papers esLibre 2020

You can find an Spanish version of this text here.

Please forward this call for papers to anyone who might find it interesting.

The esLibre congress is a meeting of people interested in free technologies, focused on sharing knowledge and experience around them. The next edition will be held at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid) on 5th and 6th June 2020.

In esLibre we try to have an anual congress that recovers and maintains the ideas of the community, in which we can take advantage of the experience of the old glories and the desire of new people. We want to achieve a technical environment, but one that does not forget, and explains, how important it is for technology to be free.

We also want to open the congress to a wider community interested in free culture, perhaps with less focus on technology, but with equal interest in sharing.


Free software is the main theme of esLibre. It also covers other free technologies (for example, free hardware), and the less technological world of free knowledge. In general, topics directly related to works (software, hardware, cultural works, etc.) that are distributed under free licenses , according to OSI definition of open source or the FSF definition of free software, or that meet the definition of free cultural work are considered to fit perfectly into esLibre.

Although many free software, and free works are distributed commercially, we want to maintain esLibre as a forum that is neutral towards commercial issues. In general, we will not accept papers, workshops or rooms that specifically promote a commercial deal.

Types of contributions

There are different types of contributions that you can propose:

In the template to propose each type of contribution you can find more details

Dates and deadlines

All dates are at 23:59 (Madrid time).

How to propose your contribution

Call for papers is open to everyone. The way to propose a contribution will be through a merge request (pull request) en this repository.

For each type of contribution you have a template in the root folder of this repository. Copy it to the current year's folder, within the corresponding subfolder (talks, rooms, etc.). Use a file name that is not already used, and that reflects the title of your proposal. Fill it in and make a merge request that includes it, to propose your activity.

Anyone will be able to see these proposals, and if they want, comment on them. The organization of esLibre will comment and accept (or not) those that seem convenient, according to your idea about the congress. If you propose a contribution, be alert to the comments you may receive, they might include questions and requests for clarification that might be convenient to answer.

If you have problems of any kind, or don't know how to open a merge request, please open an issue in this repository. In order to do this, you'll need to use a GitLab account.